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Acupuncture is an effective low impact therapy that accesses self healing aspects of the bodies neurohormonal system.

Due to increased research in recent years acupuncture has an evidence base greater than many conventional medical treatments.

The efficacy of acupuncture does not depend on the style used. In other words contemporary acupuncture taught in a short course based almost solely on modern anatomy and physiology works as well as traditional approaches taking 3 or 4 years.* This is a game changing point – acupuncture can be taught in a few weeks to qualified medical professionals.

Most contemporary acupuncture schools subject students to unnecessary ideology and traditional detail resulting in the dual burdens of high debt and low income. Essentially students are being inducted into the belief systems of their teachers at great cost to them. As I have shown previously this has financially ruinous consequences and is an ethical travesty.

Most traditional acupuncture training is of low quality with respect to real world application. Most acupuncture education is at least covertly anti-scientific and anti-evidence. Hence the lack of evident change.

Personally I would dissuade a prospective acupuncture student from attending the usual acupuncture education unless they have another medical license such as NP, PA, MD, PT. Or they have another income source or are independently wealthy. If you have one of the above licenses and live in a State which legally sanctions it then I would recommend a short course such as –

Finally I’m not in the business of telling others what to believe nor am I personally a capital S skeptic nor by inclination or evidence a materialist. If you are interested in natural medicine find a way to do so that is practical and feasible. Be careful thinking you are going to be different from the others; be super successful and pay off a student debt of $60,000 to $100,000 by practicing acupuncture. If you can, get a standard medical degree and learn natural medicine through continuing education.

Don’t divide medicine into Eastern/Western, Traditional/Naturopathic etc. The best medicine is whatever works with the least amount of toxicity and side effects. Natural medicine is not more spiritual than allopathic medicine. All medicine has the potential to be a practice of compassion. Don’t let yourself be indoctrinated by other people’s beliefs, be your own guide.


* Researcher Andrew Vickers quoted in –  Medscape Medical News – Neurology. Acupuncture Superior to Placebo, Usual Care for Chronic Pain, Pauline Anderson, September 10, 2012

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Animal Acupuncture

The following is a sweet news story  about an Owl undergoing rehabilitation in Spain with acupuncture –

Also with regard to Veterinary Acupuncture, consistent with my neuro-physiological, contemporary world reinventing of acupuncture, here’s a link to a book review of –Essentials of Western Veterinary Acupuncture, Lindley S, Cummings M. Blackwell Publishing Professional, Ames, Iowa, USA, 2006,


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Thomas martin LAc.